Landkind Digital Crop Counting

No more delays. View fruit counts in real-time.


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See bud, flower, fruit - or any counts required - across multiple orchards instantly, in one central place.


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Create monitoring bays.

Define and draw in monitoring bays right on your maps using the web app.  

Then, teams can use the mobile app to locate and navigate monitoring bays easily for counting.

monitoring bays

Capture counts on mobile.

Team members can enter counts anytime, from any location.

Counts are created against established monitoring bays, or teams can enter a count directly against a specific block. Also, view  a summary of all counts for a property from within the app.


Visualise crop density.

Using the counts collected by bay, Landkind will automatically calculate the average crop density for each block.

Visualise and compare crop estimates from season-to-season to support on orchard crop management decisions.

crop density
increase efficiency

Increase Efficiency 

With crop counts seamlessly syncing with the platform, Landkind decreases the need for paper and reduces duplication of data, supporting quicker crop management decisions.

Works offline _ sync data

Works Offline

No reception in the orchard? No worries. Users can enter counts without reception, and the data can be synchronised once they have service.

view count summaries

View Count Summaries 

Visualise a summary of all counts that have been entered for a property, regardless of who entered them, using our Crop Count Summary tool.

Landkind ensures that growers, managers, and organisations have access to the most up-to-date information to assist with their everyday decisions.


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