Landkind Maturity Areas

Save valuable time leading into harvest.

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Enabling growers and packhouses to digitally gather, approve and submit maturity area records - all in one place.


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Streamlined data collection.

Maturity area management requires multiple touch points across the industry. 

With Landkind, it's easy for users to input and update maturity area information in real-time.

Rather than compiling, re-entering, and approving data from various sources, Landkind simplifies this entire process ensuring the latest data is accurate & easily accessible.


A single source of truth. 

Updated, accurate orchard information is crucial when making decisions on property - especially leading into the harvest season.

As a single source of truth, Landkind uses only the most most up-to-date block information, ensuring users can confidently create and submit accurate maturity areas. 

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Keep Data in the Right Hands

Keep Data in the Right Hands

With our user permissions settings, users can control who can access, edit and submit information - keeping data secure and functionality simple for everyone.

Simple Approvals

Create Simple Approval Methods

This way, one set of users can create data, while another set of users can approve it - ensuring reliable, high-quality outputs.

Export Data for Registration

Export Data for Registration

We understand the importance of compliance. That's why we've enabled data to be exported directly to third-party registration systems such as Zespri's MCS.

"We went from 3-4 months of super tedious manual data entry, to just a few clicks"

-EastPack, Fruit Performance Analyst

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