Instant non-destructive fruit testing.

Landkind & Sunforest.

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Know exactly what your fruit is doing.

Measure brix and dry matter. Detect browning.

Record and view Sunforest data with Landkind

Sunforest has developed a range of portable Near Infra Red (NIR) Spectrometers that measure fruit attributes in a non-destructive manner. These devices are a must-have management tool for Kiwifruit and Apple Growers and Packhouses. The devices are now directly integrated with Landkind, making it easier for you to manage your crops and improve your yields.

Simplified fruit testing.

  • Landkind_Icon_RGBNon destructive, means no fruit wastage
  • Landkind_Icon_RGBFast, reliable and repeatable testing.
  • Landkind_Icon_RGBReduce the need for multiple expensive  laboratory testing.
  • Landkind_Icon_RGBModels available for Kiwifruit, Apples, Pears, and more.
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Improve fruit yields and quality.

  • Landkind_Icon_RGBMeasure fruit to determine ideal harvest time.
  • Landkind_Icon_RGBData is displayed in your smart phone immediately.
  • Landkind_Icon_RGBKiwifruit models tested and reviewed by Zespri.
Sunforest_Mobile App

Instant results

Test and measure fruit directly in the orchard and get instant results.


Measure, analyze, share

Analyze test results across your entire property, and securely share the data with anyone.


Sunforest connects directly with Landkind

The Sunforest device connects directly with Landkind's mobile app allowing you to easily record and view results on your digital maps.

Fast, instant and repeatable fruit testing.
Improve your decision making. 

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